Womens health issues including hot flushes

Alleviate Your Hot Flushes with Bio Identical Hormone Relief

Hot flushes are one of the more common complaints women experience entering the perimenopause and menopause stages. These symptoms may seem small to those who have never experienced them, but those battling frequent hot flushes and the associated night sweats and insomnia realize just how debilitating hot flushes really are. These attacks are rarely brief occurrences; surveys indicate that at least 80% of women experience this reoccurring symptom for up to 2 years–some even longer.

Womens health issues including hot flushes

Why am I Experiencing Hot Flushes?

Although there is much talk of hot flushes, not every woman fully understands why they occur. These bursts of sudden heat primarily affect the face, neck, and chest. They also produce sudden bouts of intense sweating and reddened skin, similar to blushing. Women find that they experience a variety of unique sensations and difficulties associated with this symptom.

Hot flushes begin as reproductive hormone levels begin to fluctuate to unnatural levels. The body’s hypothalamus, the brain region which regulates temperature, also become overly-sensitive to body temperature changes. These two negative aspects create a vicious cycle that not only affects body temperature but can also result in severe insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Treatments and Relief

Many potential cures and treatments for hot flushes have grown exponentially over the years, all promising to offer relief and even eliminate them completely. Hormone replacement therapies, in particular, are common recommendations; women have experienced genuine relief while taking artificial oestrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately, artificial hormones are at the center of several health controversies and many women fear possible health complications.

Bio identical Hormone Relief

However, those who are wary of artificial hormones have discovered what many consider a safer, natural method to receive relief from menopause symptoms. Bio identical hormones offer powerful menopause relief, especially from hot flushes. These hormones are synthetically produced using natural plant chemicals such as those from yams and soy. These hormones closely mimic the chemical and molecular structure of natural oestrogen and progesterone produced by the body. The structural similarities are so close that the body accepts them as the real thing. Because their chemical make-up is essentially an exact replica of the body’s original hormones, women often experience fewer side effects. Many women who take bio identical hormones also experience greater relief from hot flushes and other menopause-associated health issues such as vaginal dryness and mood swings. Dr. Erika Schwartz, a proud advocate of bio identical hormone treatments, spoke to the Daily Mail about her professional and personal beliefs concerning the effectiveness of bio identical hormones. She describes them as being “gentle and effective.”

How Do Bio Identical Hormones Benefit the Body?

Bio identical hormones such as Oestriol, Oestrone, and Oestradiol are available in a variety of forms such as transdermal gels, creams, patches, and sprays. These alternate forms allow the body to absorb the hormonal effect quicker than traditional dosage methods. Transdermal intake methods allow the treatment to by-pass normal digestion and liver exposure, eliminating many potential health complications associated with some pill treatments.

When taken, bio identical hormones replace the depleted levels of natural progesterone and oestrogen, allowing the body’s hormonal levels to return to their normal balance. When the appropriate hormonal levels are reached, hot flushes and other menopause symptoms begin to decrease. Because transdermal intake allows the treatment to absorb directly into the bloodstream, this method, in particular, allows women to see rapid results.

How Do I Begin These Treatments?

Before beginning these treatments, hormonal testing is an important factor that should not be neglected. This testing process allows you to see how badly out of balance your hormone levels are; this is important to determine the successful dosage of bio identical hormones needed for relief. Common testing procedures include saliva testing, urine testing, and blood work. Although urine and blood testing occurs in a lab setting, some saliva tests may be performed at home with special kits.

After the results of your testing return, your doctor can begin prescribing the correct dosage of bio identical treatments. Ideally, this dosage will start relatively low to see how well your body responds. If the initial effects at a low dosage are not significant enough, your doctor will carefully increase the dosage to adequately counter your menopause symptoms.

Bio identical hormones shouldn’t be confused with the traditional, artificial hormonal replacement therapies of the past. Although many research projects are still in the process of completion, bio identical hormones offer great hope and success for combating hot flushes and other unpleasant menopause issues. For more information on this treatment and other ways to manage your symptoms, please contact us┬átoday.

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