Here’s some welcome advice from my good friend Marnetta Viegas of Relax Kids…

It is so important that children wake up feeling great inside and grow up knowing that they are special. Children with a deep sense of worth and self esteem will find life easier and grow up enjoying each moment and challenge.

Affirmations are a powerful tools to help boost a child’s self-esteem. Getting children to repeat a positive quality or statement about themselves is key to developing their feeling of self worth and value.

Repeating positive affirmations brings calmness, positivity as well as power and inner strength.

Here are some positive qualities that you can use and encourage children to talk about, think about, feel, draw, repeat, practice, affirm, write and act out.

I am special
I am great
I am unique
I am confident
I am loved
I am powerful
I am courageous
I am peaceful
I am happy
I am determined
I am lucky
I am calm
I am bright
I am talented
I am clever

The more children (and adults, actually) think and feel these qualities, the more the qualities will be a natural part of their life.

This is something that we could all learn from – related to my earlier postings on the gratitude dance.

Take a moment to look at the Relax Kids CDs available from my site.

I have found these CDs and products AMAZING in helping my own kids and those of my patients with sleeping and behavioural disturbance, low mood, aggression, self esteem, bullying, or just plain feeling out of sorts!

Love & light,

Alison x

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