7 Simple Stress Busters For Work

No matter what you do for a living, there will always be times of work-related stress. Even the best work environments have their share of hectic days, heavy workloads, and high demands on your time and energy. When you are having one of those demanding days, try one of these seven stress busters, that are ideal for while you are at work:

stress busters at work
Managing your stress levels at work can be as easy as giving yourself the small breaks, and healthy food that you deserve.

1. Approach your day with a pep talk, and resolve to stay positive. Attitude really matters, and you absolutely have control over your own. Gravitate toward positive influences, and when you encounter your colleagues, remember to smile and to give them some encouragement, too. Remind yourself that you have everything under control. Your confident spirit will lift you and those around you.

2. Have a plan. And a back-up plan. Your plan will keep you focused on the top priorities, and building some flexibility into your plan will help you to readjust and stay productive when the unexpected happens.

3. Remember to move. When your focus and energy are fading, get up and move around for a few minutes. Take a walk outside during your break. Stretch and clear your head. Use the copier that is furthest from your work space. Take the stairs. Take a walking meeting, or sit outside instead of in the conference room. You will feel refreshed and ready to re-engage in your work.

4. Take care of yourself by staying hydrated and eating healthy snacks. Drink water infused with your favorite fruit. Choose high-protein snacks that will give you energy, like almonds, or a slice of cheese. Avoid the processed, high-sugar treats. While a bit of chocolate might be just the ticket, don’t overdo it.

5. Remember to breathe. Slowly. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

6. Play your favorite music. Either listen to soothing music quietly in the background or on your ear buds while taking that short, head-clearing walk. Music can help you focus and refresh.

7. When you leave the office, actually leave it behind. When you’re home, take some time to connect with family and friends. Take care of yourself by exercising, reading a book, or engaging in another favorite activity. Don’t neglect the people and passions that matter most to you. Your work will seem more fulfilling and less stressful the more you are able to balance it with the rest of your life.

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  1. Alison Roberts

    This is perfect advice to which I need to adhere! I work with damaged children with attachment issues and it is extremely challenging and zaps the life out of me. Thanks Ali.

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