7 simple strategies to reduce your stress naturally

Getting out in nature can do wonders for stress

In all of my programs, one of the first steps is to become aware of the impact that stress has on your hormone balance and symptoms, and then to find ways to reduce this impact.

There are many stresses that we CAN influence, but many that we have no control over – and these have really raised their heads in the last year!

Even when dealing with those over which we feel we have no influence, we can actually adjust the way we react – or even better, respond – to them.

Here I have brought together 7 simple strategies to reduce your stress naturally.

Stress is uncomfortable and can ruin anyone’s day, week, or even year. It can be the one thing preventing you from being entirely successful and achieve your goals. It may feel awful and hard to avoid, but there are ways to eliminate it.

Go on A Walk or Hike

Get out in nature, soak in the sunlight, and break free from reality and other people. This is the best way to absorb the vitamin D that is essential to living a healthy life. Maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is vital for a robust immune system, healthy bones, and a stable mood. I find that immersion in nature, combined with the exercise, are powerful stress-relieving tools, Even better when my dogs are added into the mix!

Use Aromatherapy

Light a candle, burn incense, or warm essential oils throughout your day. Aromatherapy is a known stress reliever as it activates feel-good chemicals in your brain, allowing you to let go for a moment and relax. Aromatherapy oils penetrate your brain rapidly (as the olfactory bulb is really close to the upper nasal passages), and activate your responses at a primitive level.

Hug or Cuddle It Out

Yay! At last, at least in the UK, we are allowed to hug again. Find a friend to share a hug. I used to be known as the Holistic Hug Doctor – hugging my friends, colleagues at conferences, and patients was part of my trademark. Over the last year this has had to reduce, and I am profoundly grateful for my immediate family – my son & daughter who still love a hug at 24 & 20 (long may that continue), and my hubby who is one of the BEST huggers I know.

Why is this so important? Hugging (best for at least 20 seconds) activates the release of Oxytocin – a hormone involved in love, breast-feeding, and orgasm. Seriously powerful stuff, believe me! So go ahead, find a hug today!

NB some personality types do NOT like hugging, & it can be a problem for people with a past history of abuse, so ask for permission first…

Get Crafty

Paint, sculpt or draw a picture. Let your imagination run wild and free. Let go of any expectations and create art. If it makes you happy, then you are doing it right. Who cares how the result looks, if you are having fun creating it? This is a great vehicle for stress release. You may even discover hidden talent & a new hobby!

Practice Positive Self-Talk

This one is crucial to your optimal hormone balance. Stop talking to yourself with a negative tone. You are only doing yourself a disservice by keeping yourself down and demotivated. Any moment you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. And yet, so often in our culture, we have been taught to be overcritical of ourselves and others. This was a profound lesson that I learned through my own burnout recovery story.

The more you tell yourself something, the more likely you will become it, so make sure it’s always beneficial. Sure, you will always have moments of self-doubt but don’t allow yourself to dwell on them. It is up to you to choose your self-talk.

Be Alone

While you may think you are a social being, separating yourself from others can be an easy way to de-stress. Often the people around you can be putting pressure and high expectations on you, without being consciously aware of it. They can also easily affect your mood and desire to continue or finish a task. So try taking a moment out – even during the work day. A moment of calm, going to the bathroom if you have to, some deep breathing & mindfulness, can work wonders.

Laugh A Lot

Nothing can be better than laughter – a deeply undervalued habit, well worth developing. View it as a good dose of happiness. It inspires you to seek more and is highly contagious. Even if at first you don’t believe it, you will eventually find yourself laughing at yourself. Laughter relaxes your body, releases endorphins, and reduces your cortisol levels being the perfect solution to releasing stress.

The next time life feels stressful, don’t allow yourself to feel pity or self-doubt. Give yourself permission to take a break and follow one of these seven ways to eliminate stress naturally. You don’t need to allow the stress to get in the way of your success and happiness, but you do need to learn to deal with it since it will always exist.

If you are ready to profoundly impact your health and resolve your hormone issues, why not download my Stress Busting Kit.


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