4 Reasons Why Menopause Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast

Menopause is not all hot flashes and raging hormones, despite what the movies might make you believe. In reality, it’s a natural, normal part of life. It’s a rite of passage that all women of a certain age experience and a more positive attitude about the process can make a world of difference. Plus, if you change your perspective, it’s clear there are some perks:

1. Menopause offers a great opportunity to get in touch with your body

There’s no denying it – menopause causes a series of physiological changes in a woman’s body. Much of this is hormonal and related to the decline of estrogen in the body. That in itself isn’t a negative occurrence: it’s just a change, and change can be a blessing in disguise. Since menopause will alter the way you perceive your body and cause physical changes, it offers an excellent opportunity to assess your physical health. You can use this time to think about how the food you eat makes you feel. You can also use this time to reassess exercise and its place in your life. As long as you’re getting in touch with your body’s changes, think of some new physical challenges. Dance class? Yoga? Paddleboarding? Your body is shedding the old and allowing in the new, and if you’re paying attention, you’ll be ready for it.


2. The end is in sight for your menstrual cycle

Okay, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. What’s the end result of menopause? No periods. And boy, is this an easy one to get used to. No more money spent on feminine hygiene items. No more stressing around that time of the month. No more PMS!

3. Menopause signals a time in your life to spend more time onĀ you

In addition to all those physical changes, menopause can signal a new time in your life emotionally and socially. If you had kids, then there’s a pretty good chance they’re out of the house now and starting their own lives. If you’ve been working in the same career for years, maybe take this time to look at what makes you really happy. Was there a career opportunity that you feel slipped you by? Is there a country to which you’ve always wanted to travel? Have you considered taking their drawing or journaling class? Since you’re already taking stock of the physical changes in your body, take this time to analyze how you feel about things you’ve taken for granted: your friends, your community, your hobbies.

More than anything, going through menopause offers a chance to freshen your perspective, to look at yourself, your body, and your place in the world with new eyes.

4. These changes can lead to enriching new support systems

Despite the fact that menopause is a natural and normal part of a woman’s life, it’s still definitely challenging and new. Experiencing something so new offers an unexpected perk: it allows you to make connections with others. Find others in your community who are going through similar changes. Seek out mentors and coaches who can help guide you through some of the tough moments. You’ll find that not only will it make the transition easier, but you’ll have gained powerful connections and a new perspective.


Menopause doesn’t have to be awful

The key takeaway here is that menopause can offer women a chance to reconnect with their bodies, escape from the confines of PMS, and open up their perspectives on the world and themselves.

The best part? All of this can be symptom-free, comfortable, and totally natural. With a positive attitude and the right team on your side, menopause can, well, beat peanut butter on pancakes.

Contact us to find out more about finding a support group, going through menopause symptom-free, and making positive changes during this exciting phase in your life.

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