Serious concerned hispanic or middle eastern mature woman going through menopause holding her head with her hand

3 Hidden Toxins That Could Be Making Your Menopause Miserable

Are you struggling with menopause symptoms that make it difficult to enjoy life or even carry out your everyday activities? Chances are, you may be battling chemical toxins. Even worse, you may not even be aware of the toxins that are affecting you since they’re hidden. Hidden chemical toxins responsible for disrupting hormone levels can be found in everything from cosmetic and cleaning products to food cans and even in the thermal paper from receipts you get in stores. Here are three hidden toxins that could be making your menopause miserable, along with some considerations and warnings.

1. Parabens in Haircare, Skincare and Makeup Products

One of the main hidden toxins that can impact menopause are parabens. These are synthetic chemicals, used as preservatives in fighting fungus and bacteria. They’re commonly found in products for skincare, shaving goods, deodorants, haircare, makeup and other items containing a lot of water. Besides being cost-effective, parabens increase the shelf life of products, while protecting against microorganisms. However, recently, they’ve been linked with severe health side effects.

What’s more, parabens are xenoestrogens or endocrine disruptors that mimic oestrogen in people, although there are some differences. Amazingly, they can trigger oestrogen receptors on cancer cells located in the breast just as about as strongly as natural oestrogen. What’s more, by causing disruption with hormones interacting with oestrogen, parabens can significantly influence a woman’s changing hormones that are creating havoc during perimenopause.

2. Heterocyclic Amines in Charred and Barbecued Meats

If you’re like most people, you may not have heard of heterocyclic amines or HCAs. These are chemical compounds that form from amino acids and creatine that react from muscle meats being fried, grilled, broiled or barbecued at extremely high temperatures.

Besides found in charred and barbecued meats, they can also be present in cheeses, eggs, creatine supplements, and even cigarette smoke. HCAs are highly mutagenic. In other words, they can not only cause damage, but they can also alter your DNA, inducing tumors in various parts of the body, including the breast.

3. Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals

Maybe you’ve heard of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) but aren’t quite sure what they are. Put simply, endocrine-disrupting chemicals are chemical compounds that change the normal operation of the endocrine system in people as well as animals. In other words, they disrupt your body’s hormones so that they fail to function normally.

Polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs are a particular chemical group that lowers critical thyroid hormones, besides causes brain damage and immune system suppression. Pesticides found in foods are one of the most common sources of PCBs.

In fact, studies have been done finding that early menopause can be the result of a woman having a high level of pesticides in foods. Other sources of PCBs in food include fish and some meats. In addition to foods, you can come in contact with PCBs while indoors, when exposed to ceiling tile coatings, fluorescent lights, window glazing, floor finishes and paints.

Serious concerned hispanic or middle eastern mature woman going through menopause holding her head with her hand

Considerations and Warnings

  • When your body is exposed to pesticides, your cells can be damaged.
  • Exposure to pesticides can make you more susceptible to diseases, such as asthma, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity.
  • Eating foods that have been grown organically can drastically reduce the amount of synthetic pesticides in your body.
  • Be sure to check all the ingredients in skincare products, cosmetics and food items.
  • Don’t use cosmetics and creams containing toxic chemicals. Furthermore, avoid products that contain estrogenic ingredients, including parabens and stearalkonium chloride.
  • Certain metals, such as lead and mercury, are exceptionally toxic to the human body, so avoid them.
  • Besides lead-based paint, other sources of lead include polluted soil and water, children’s toys, tainted herbal medications, fish, meats and grains.
  • Mercury sources include those, such as polluted air and water, large fish, shellfish and dental fillings.

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