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3 Foods that are great at Naturally Reducing Stress

Many studies have outlined the dangerous effects of chronic stress.

Stress hormones, cortisol in particular, can impair cognitive function when produced in overdrive.

Yet there are natural stress solutions that can help to improve your quality of life. Reducing stress can start with small dietary changes you can easily implement today.

Here are three foods that have stress-combatting effects:

Green and Leafy – Nature’s Stress Solutions You may have heard it repeated often, but green, leafy vegetables are some of the healthiest stress-busting foods. Besides the good amounts of iron and other important minerals in leafy vegetables such as spinach, studies have found that leafy vegetables contain folates that promote dopamine (the feel-good hormone) production. In addition to having positive effects on brain chemistry, leafy vegetables also provide a good source of the fibre essential for good digestive health.

Reducing Stress with Superfood Seeds Another good source of stress-busting nutrients is seeds. Pumpkin and sunflower, chia and other seeds are great sources of nutrients such as magnesium. Magnesium is thought to play a role in alleviating depression and irritability, assisting the brain’s mood-regulating mechanisms. Seeds are especially convenient as you can get your daily requirements through a healthy snack mix or by sprinkling them liberally over your morning meal.

When Stress is too much, Indulge (Moderately) If you aren’t wild about the taste of kale or you are not ecstatic about seeds, these are not the only nutritional stress solutions. It has been shown, in fact, that dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids) helps to relieve stress if eaten in moderation. Cocoa in chocolate boosts serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, and has been found to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

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  1. Lynn Lowe

    I enjoyed this article and learned a few new things. I did not realise that green leafy veg. contained folates that promote dopamine and thus contribute to positive effects on our brain chemistry, for example. I also didn’t realise that various seeds contained mood-regulating magnesium – another inspiration to keep eating my sprouted pumpkin seeds, sunflower milk and soaked chia seeds :). I recently bought a food product made by the GO RAW company ( that is a delicious snack – organic sprouted pumpkin seeds with celtic sea salt. I definitely like your info about dark chocolate! When I have a chocolate craving, I make a really easy and healthy recipe: I mix together: raw organic cacao powder, coconut oil and a sweetener such as raw honey; form into balls and place in fridge to harden – I may also add nuts, or unsweetened shredded coconut, etc- what I love about this recipe is that only a few pieces are needed to satiate my chocolate craving and it does not create a greater craving like processed milk chocolate would.
    Thank you for your information.
    Cheers, Lynn

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